Transmotors is renowned by the industries as their project partner. Vehicles and trucks are tailored to industry quality standards and functional requirements, needed for optimal daily operation. In close collaboration with the customers, from end to finish. Through a large international network of accessory suppliers, expert European workshops and quality in-design, we guarantee successful execution of any project.

Mining, oil & gas, construction & maintenance, food & beverages, tourism & transport all require a sensible and profound knowledge of industry demands. Transmotors is internationally known for both advising & building. The most up-to-date techniques and technologies are applied to ensure best practises and the utmost safety for your customers. A good example is our ability to supply fully electric mining vehicles.  Our automotive products are being supplied from the biggest international ports, to any location worldwide.

Government and NGO’S

Transmotors understands the task of serving the needs of the many. Reliable solutions for quick response are vital to protect in critical circumstances.

With a footprint over 30 years in building ambulances, mass casualty trucks, police & patrol vehicles & quads & fire prevention vehicles, we understand what is asked in practicality and safety. With a large selection in both 4WD and 2WD, we can accommodate use on any terrain.

Next to operational vehicles, we supply luxury vehicles for Presidents, Ministers and other government officials. Finished with high grade leather, large space, multiple climate control zones and a optimal safety & protection accessories pleasantly accommodating long trips.


Going abroad for a diplomatic position? Transmotors can advise with a myriad of options for vehicles. All are exempted from taxes from our bonded warehouse, where we have a large selection available. We make sure these vehicles correspond with the fuel grades, terrain and weather conditions at your new destination. We can transport these to your mover or directly to your new destination. Making your experience carefree.


Transmotors is an excellent partner for the trading sector. With a large number of makes and models on display, we serve as a reliable partner in providing a large range to your customer. With our unique on-site workshops at our European location, we can make sure that any tailored solution is within reach. You can profit from our experience and competitive price range to expand on your business and create your market niche.

Transmotors also provides the export paperwork to ensure that import on your location will be as quick and carefree, while also handling the transport to your ports.