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With a global footprint of over 30 years, Transmotors has been the trusted supplier of large industries, NGO’s and governments bodies alike. With a direct access to factory-supply automotive products, we daily support our customers all over the globe with homologated vehicles, buses, trucks, motorbikes, quads, forklifts & generators. We are proud to receive customer satisfaction through dedicated multilingual project support and expertly converting vehicles & trucks alike. Making each project a trusted high-quality solution for our customers.

Transmotors office from above


Transmotors purpose is to serve clients around the globe with the supply of automotive products from Antwerp and Rotterdam port or major airports to remote and difficult to reach areas, and expertly serve our customers with a dedicated team.


Offering the right advice, the best service and selling the right vehicles to customers, that is what we are good at!


We have a strong presence in the international automotive industry for over 30 years. Our award-winning services have a reputation for quality and excellence that few can match.