Through years of export, we have obtained great price arrangements with reliable shipping lines and airlines. We are closely connected to two of the biggest seaports in the world. By making use of reliable vehicle and container carriers, we daily serve both ports, from which we can transport to your location. We can accommodate both Ro-Ro and container shipments to many destinations. For air shipments we make use of one of the biggest airline hubs in Europe. From Amsterdam, daily flights are connecting directly to airports on all continents.

We can insure all our shipments on your behalf at a limited cost. You are also secured in quality and performance. All spare parts are checked and labelled for quick warehouse entry. For all vehicles, trucks, motorbikes, quads and forklifts a professional control and test is performed to ensure these meet the required quality standards. We continuously take meticulous care of your products, to ascertain we exceed any expectations. Delivering the best customer satisfaction worldwide.

Trusted supplier of tailor-made solutions in cars for export to Africa

With over 3 decades of experience in supplying cars for export to Africa, including, Senegal, Ethiopia, Congo and the Sahara, we serve our customers all over the world. Feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our large portfolio of regular customers such as multinationals, NGOs, relief organizations, governments, embassies, and consulates with a need for transportation in any country on the African continent find their way to our tailor-made automotive solutions.

Knowledge and experience in export vehicles

Exporting cars to Africa efficiently and cost-effectively, demands knowledge about the culture and environment of the destined country, about transport and logistics, and about technical knowledge of appropriate vehicles. Also, multilingual service, procurement consultation, and on-time delivery are vital in serving our customers.

The range of vehicles we supply is specifically designed and equipped for prolonged employment in the African climate, the road conditions, and fuel grades. The leading brand we supply is Toyota. The trucks, passenger cars, coaches, 4×4 all terrain, and more are fit to last in rough terrain and desolated areas.

Our service is not limited to supplying you with high-quality vehicles. At competitive pricing, we specialists offer tailor-made full-service automotive solutions for your organization or project which also includes:

  • Transportation and logistics from main ports Rotterdam or Antwerp.
  • Vehicle extensions with, e.g. generators, cranes, and security systems.
  • Transformation of vehicles into, e.g., ambulances and fire protection units.
  • Original spare part service.
  • Local assistance from representatives in many African countries.

We offer excellent logistics and shipment with short sailing times to many African ports. With the proximity of Europe’s principal harbors (Rotterdam and Antwerp) and airports, our cars, accessories and spare parts are always close-by. We monitor each transport until arrival and commissioning at the final destination. For service and maintenance, our local agents based in many African countries accommodate your daily needs.

Vehicle export for various industries

If your company or organization seeks means to transport people and/or materials with robust and reliable vehicles, consult our specialists for a suitable offer that fits your specific requirements. We serve customers in many branches, including:

  • Oil industry.
  • Road work, construction, and water industries.
  • Forest, agricultural, and mining industries.
  • Governmental and NGO organizations (embassies and consulates).
  • Nongovernmental and humanitarian organizations.
  • Private sales.

Customer satisfaction and collaboration

With customer satisfaction being the essential pillar of our successful business operations, we are focused on exceeding customer’s expectations every day. Our full procurement support consists of continuous collaboration, timely feedback and a steady stock of personal vehiclesbusses4x4sSUVstrucksquadsmotorcycles, generators and more.

We work closely with global suppliers offering a wide variety of cars, accessories, and parts of many makes and models. Our program is continuously monitored on the best solutions and trusted brands. Besides Toyota, we also offer NissanMitsubishiSuzukiKiaPolarisHondaYamaha and Iveco.

For more information, downloads and a personal offer, we invite you to contact the French, English, and Spanish-speaking staff at our office and find out what we can do for you.


What are the most common methods of shipment?

We are closely connected to two of the biggest seaports in the world. We can accommodate both Roll-on, Roll-off and container shipments to many destinations. For air shipments we make use of one of the biggest airline hubs in Europe. From Amsterdam daily flights are connecting directly to airports on all continents.

What is Roll-on, Roll-off shipment?

Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo) shipment describes how products are loaded and discharged from a vessel. The vehicles will be rolled on and off by itself, rather than using cranes to lift the vehicles from the vessel.

How long does shipment take?

Shipment time depends on the destination. Most vehicles and original parts come from stock at Transmotors. We also have short connections to production plants from large automotive manufacturers. If you want to know the exact shipment time for your order, contact us via our contact form.

Does my vehicle require pre-shipping inspections?

We always check any vehicle, truck or components twice; upon receiving and prior to sending. Thereby, we always safeguard the quality of your purchase.

Which countries require pre-shipment inspection?

It depends on the country if pre-shipment is required. This is not always known as it changes often. For example, Nigeria is one location that demands pre-shipment. It is, in almost all cases, not arranged by us. In most cases this is required in the country of destination and therefore not part of the delivery process. If you want to know more about pre-shipment requirements for your order, contact us via our contact form. 

Can I have the spare parts shipped with my order?

It depends on the type of shipment method if spare parts can be shipped with the order. It is not possible to ship spare parts with Roll-on, Roll-off shipment. However, it is possible with container shipment. Please contact us if you want to know the possibilities for your order. 

Who’s responsible for the unloading costs?

The responsibility for the unloading cost depends on Incoterm/agreement we make together. Therefore, each order is looked at separately. Contact us for more information on unloading cost for your order.

Is the vehicle insured during transport?

Insurance during transport is possible and can be arranged by us upon request.

What is a Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper, confirming that goods were received in an acceptable condition and are ready to be shipped. Those goods will then be delivered by the carrier to a consignee.

How will I receive the Bill of lading?

After loading the cargo onto the vessel, we receive a draft Bill of Lading from the shipping line, which is sent to the customer for approval. After approval these documents are issued and sent to the customer by courier service.  

What is a waiver?

Waiver/CTN/BESC is an official marine document that contains information relating to the cargo and its movement between ports. This document is required to be submitted to the various shippers’ councils in various countries. 


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