We are located in the industrial area Moerdijk in The Netherlands, very close to major global airports Schiphol, The Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. We are also located very close to the port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Antwerp port, Belgium.

Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol achieves the best results by providing our cargo business partners growth and continuity. As your Amsterdam Airport Schiphol counterpart, Schiphol Cargo is a dedicated business partner. We bring different parties together, from business, government as well as research side, by offering professional service and structure. Our ambition is to be Europe’s most preferred airport.

Brussels Airport, Belgium
Brussels Airport is an important hub for full freighters and the preferred location for the European head offices of several full freighter operators. Brussels Airport is the most strategic location in Europe, reflected by its role as a valued European distribution hub. An ideal location for storage, handling and shipping of high value and time sensitive products and a gate to Africa.

Transmotors logistics Schiphol Airport
Transmotors logistics Brussels Airport

Why choose us?

Best Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class automotive solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.


We have established a strong presence in the International automotive industry. Our award-winning services earn a reputation for quality and excellence that few can rival..

Safety & Security

Safety for our employees, customers and motoring public will always remain our primary focus in all the policies, procedures and programs that govern our business.

Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam is the largest logistic and industrial hub in Europe with a most attractive location on sea and rivers. Ships with the deepest draught can dock easily without passing locks. Logistic services are available 24/7. And through the extensive network of inland connections goods find their way to and from the European market of some 350 million consumers. Fast, competitive and efficient by inland shipping, rail, pipeline, road, short sea or feeder.

Port of Antwerp, Belgium
Shipping via the Port of Antwerp is shipping via one of the world’s biggest ports. The Port of Antwerp is a cross road of global supply chains via the most diverse destinations. The Port of Antwerp has built up an international network of experts who can find a solution for all questions and challenges of supply chain directors, maritime and logistics service providers and port organizations.

Our logistics department has a lot of experience to secure and load the vehicles into containers with our own ramp, they are also specialized to arrange container transport or car carrier transport the ports of Rotterdam / Antwerp or Brussels / Schiphol Airport.

Transmotors B.V. is located in a Free Zone in the middle of Rotterdam / Antwerp Port and Brussels / Schiphol Airport.

Transmotors logistics, with a logistical experience of more than 25 years, is an AEO certifies company. The AEO certification proves that Transmotors BV is a company which has proven to be accurate in terms of handling customs goods and be financially stable.

Transmotors logistics Port of Rotterdam
Transmotors logistics Port of Antwerp
Transmotors AEO Certification

Geografical location in relation to:

A. Transmotors B.V. – B. Rotterdam Port
A. Transmotors B.V. – C. Antwerp Port
A. Transmotors B.V. – D. Brussels Airport
A. Transmotors B.V. – E. Schiphol Airport

Approx : 46 Km
Approx : 69 Km
Approx : 114 Km
Approx : 106 Km

Time: 40 Minutes
Time: 46 Minutes
Time: 68 Minutes
Time: 60 Minutes