In Africa, a truck may be the only reliable method of transport

The term ‘Africa truck’ brings a certain vehicle to mind. Keywords include reliability, strength, solid, high-quality, and durability. No wonder, the conditions can be quite severe in this continent. Many countries in Africa are landlocked. No waterways and in some cases, no paved roads available to transport materials or people. Another challenge can be the climate. Some countries have a tropical environment, while others have an arid climate with hardly any rain at all.

These geographical and climate factors demand various requirements. For instance, hauling options, robust and long-lasting construction of high-quality materials, large petrol tanks, and the possibility to access spare parts on short notice.

Reliable global renowned truck brands

As an experienced exporting company for cars to Africa, We work with reliable and globally renowned truck companies. Think of brands such as ToyotaIvecoMercedesHino, and Mitsubishi that cover a wide range of proficient transport solutions.

To ensure that you can rely on your vehicles and consider every day a day of business as usual, we select trucks for Africa that offer a high performance and are manufactured according to high-grade production values. This minimizes the chances of downtime and unnecessary repairs. The truck types we can provide include:

  • Flatbed Truck
  • Dump truck
  • Truck tractor
  • Box truck
  • Tank truck
  • Cool unit truck
  • Refrigerated truck
  • Catering truck
  • Crane trucks
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Truck Tractor
  • Car towing truck

Transmotors truck range

With a full range from cooling unit trucks to crane trucks, we offer many industry-dedicated solutions to choose from. With alignment to the African fuel grades, the vehicles from our range provide the highest profitability and durability. Regardless of the axle type or brand, an Africa truck supplied by us ensures the best quality product for the job.

Discover our product database and find more information on the specific brands. For example, take a look at our Toyota land cruiser truck or our Toyota Hilux diesel pickup truck.

A carefree collaboration

We can help you with both long-term and short-term projects. We value to provide full-service operations where you can count on our personal attention, speed, and care. Please contact us today for a personal offer or make an appointment with one of our multi-lingual staff.

At ordering, we will keep you as a customer involved in the purchase and logistics. We are closely connected to two of the biggest seaports in the world. As well as, the biggest airline hubs in Europe. We make sure that you are helped as quickly as possible.

In addition, our assortment also includes personal vehiclesbusses4x4sSUVsquads and motorcycles. We also offer a wide range of other brands including Toyota, NissanMitsubishiSuzukiKiaPolarisHondaYamahaIveco and more.


Which countries does Transmotors sell to?

We ship to destinations worldwide, to port or to inland destination. Are you wondering if we ship to your country? Please contact us via our contact form. 

What are the warranty terms and conditions?

We recognize the warranty conditions as are used by the manufacturer in the specific territory. For more information, read our general sales conditions

What currency are the invoices in?

The invoices are in US Dollars mostly. However, Euros are also possible if requested upon.

Is a deposit required, and if so how much is the deposit?

We pre-finances the vehicles or parts fully when unavailable from stock. The amount for order placement depends on the amount required, and will always be negotiated and agreed upon together. Fill out our contact form for more information on your specific situation. 


Is it possible to test the vehicle before placing an order?

It is possible to test the vehicle if you visit us. We allow a short test drive for checking.

What should I do when my vehicle is handed over to me?

After receiving you should always check with the transport company if it is in good order. If there are any damages made in transport, it can be sent to us. If we arranged the insurance for you, we will have it restored locally. For more information, read our general sales conditions

How do I validate the warranty cover for my vehicle?

The warranty enters into effect automatically upon shipment to the destination. The invoice is the document to attest its validity upon any problems that may arise. Read our general sales conditions for more information.

If we carry out our own maintenance, will the warranty be affected?

In case the maintenance is done expertly, with original parts, and proof can be provided of this, you can carry out your own maintenance and the warranty will not be affected. 

Who shall I contact after my warranty has expired?

When the warranty is expired, in almost all cases damages are not covered by the car manufacturer. You can always contact us. We may be able to assist you fast through our network.

Can we pay extra to extend the manufacturer’s warranty?

It is not possible to extend the manufacturer’s warranty


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