Toyota Ambulance conversion. Made by Transmotors.

Toyota Amphicruiser

What can drive on land and sail in waters? Seriously, it’s not a riddle! The Toyota Amphicruiser can. As a Dutch-based distributor of, among other brands, Toyota vehicles, Transmotors is proud to offer this unique amphibious car.

If your company works in rough terrains in combination with water hazards or carries out tasks that take place both on land and on water, the Amphicruiser might be the best solution yet. For instance, if you haul a trailer carrying a boat through difficult and harsh circumstances, your materials need to be very sturdy and durable. Imagine how much time you could save if you only use one vehicle that does it all. No hauling. No extra effort unhitching the trailer and launching the boat in the water. No risk of damage or theft when leaving the vehicle and trailer behind when sailing off.

What makes this Amphibious car so unique?

The motor, gear-box, and interior of the amphicruiser are the same as the indestructible Toyota Land Cruiser. This car has been around since the mid-fifties of the previous century. Mostly sold as SUVs for consumers, this versatile vehicle is commonly used in many industries as an ATV. It has been produced in many models, versions and conversions, but never before in such a spectacular and high-quality amphibious vehicle.

Toyota Amphicruiser
Toyota Amphicruiser
Toyota Amphicruiser
Toyota Amphicruiser


The reason for choosing the Land Cruiser base is the reliability it has shown over the past decades. Even in the most desolate areas, found for instance in Africa and Australia, this car has proven its purpose. Long-lasting, high quality build and not too much electronics to maintain. With simple tools and knowledge, repairs can be made. Thanks to its sturdiness, any Landcruiser will last long. A perfect base for an excellent amphibious ATV.



The amphicar is manufactured from durable and long-lasting materials. The watertight tank where the chassis is placed is produced from chromium steel. This type of steel is light-weight, easy to shape and it can be reshaped, if necessary. Therefore, the bow can handle quite some impact.

Worldwide representation

The Toyota brand is known all over the world. It’s not that difficult to find a Toyota distributor selling spare parts or offering maintenance services on any continent. Retrieving Toyota parts is easier compared to other brands because many distributors carry spare parts in stock or can deliver on short-notice from a worldwide network.

Toyota Amphicruiser


The production of the Toyota amphicruiser takes place in Europe. The amphicar is an all-wheel driven vehicle, with multi-purpose deployability and excellent Toyota features. On the water, thanks to the jet with PTO (Power Take Off) it reaches a speed of 12 km / hrs (i.e. approx. 6,5 knots). Compared to a boat, it’s not that fast. However, you do not have to return to the same spot to get on land again. If you calculate the overall time saved from unhitching, launching and returning to the trailer, the amphicruiser will win the race.

Toyota Amphicruiser applications

The Toyota Amphicruiser is the perfect option for industries applying amphibious cars such as:

  • Inspection services
  • Soil testing
  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • Human relief organizations
  • Coastguards
  • Water taxis
  • Waterway construction
  • Leisure
Toyota Amphicruiser
Toyota Amphicruiser

Amphicar advantages in a nutshell

  • one vehicle that moves over land and on water
  • maneuvers through remote, harsh terrains
  • extremely high-quality and robust build
  • very safe to use
  • saves time to carry out the work

As an exporting specialist in automotive solutions, we are an experienced partner acting globally. We realize the Toyota Amphicruiser is a unique vehicle which requires an investment. We gladly invite you to contact us for more information or an appointment to discuss the options.

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