Drive in style with the quintessential saloon! With its aerodynamic well-curved shape it is the fuel efficient option to explore the urban road network. It is the cost-effective solution for both businessmen & small families. They come with an exterior accessible trunk. The space can even be increased by the fold-down benches. We can support with a great variety of brands such as ToyotaNissanHyundaiKIAMitsubishiSuzukiPolarisHondaYamahaIveco and more. Our Saloon vehicles include for example, Toyota Yaris Saloon, Toyota Camry Saloon, Toyota Corolla Saloon

Upgrade your Saloon vehicle

Your saloon can be upgraded with many options such as darkened windows, parking sensors & leather interior. All done expertly at our workshop. We will place the order and make sure the vehicle is inspected upon receiving and prior to delivery. The Saloon vehicles can all be supplied with original maintenance spare parts packages.

You will work with a Transmotors team from start to finish that understands your need. We keep track that your expectations are being met.

Vehicles and spare parts for export worldwide

We can arrange direct transport to your destination worldwide. Being close to major international ports such as Rotterdam or Antwerp, we can facilitate in getting your Saloon vehicle to your location as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us for assistance. For more information, read about our logistics.

We serve our customers worldwide. Our services include:

  • Vehicle extensions with, e.g. generators, cranes, and security systems
  • Vehicles transformations, e.g., ambulances and fire protection units
  • Original spare part service

As an official distributor for many brands, we have direct access into various automotive brands parts catalogs. We can provide spare parts worldwide to your destination in short lead time.


Which countries does Transmotors sell to?

We ship to destinations worldwide, to port or to inland destination. Are you wondering if we ship to your country? Please contact us via our contact form. 

What are the warranty terms and conditions?

We recognize the warranty conditions as are used by the manufacturer in the specific territory. For more information, read our general sales conditions

What currency are the invoices in?

The invoices are in US Dollars mostly. However, Euros are also possible if requested upon.

Is a deposit required, and if so how much is the deposit?

We pre-finances the vehicles or parts fully when unavailable from stock. The amount for order placement depends on the amount required, and will always be negotiated and agreed upon together. Fill out our contact form for more information on your specific situation. 


Is it possible to test the vehicle before placing an order?

It is possible to test the vehicle if you visit us. We allow a short test drive for checking.

What should I do when my vehicle is handed over to me?

After receiving you should always check with the transport company if it is in good order. If there are any damages made in transport, it can be sent to us. If we arranged the insurance for you, we will have it restored locally. For more information, read our general sales conditions

How do I validate the warranty cover for my vehicle?

The warranty enters into effect automatically upon shipment to the destination. The invoice is the document to attest its validity upon any problems that may arise. Read our general sales conditions for more information.

If we carry out our own maintenance, will the warranty be affected?

In case the maintenance is done expertly, with original parts, and proof can be provided of this, you can carry out your own maintenance and the warranty will not be affected. 

Who shall I contact after my warranty has expired?

When the warranty is expired, in almost all cases damages are not covered by the car manufacturer. You can always contact us. We may be able to assist you fast through our network.

Can we pay extra to extend the manufacturer’s warranty?

It is not possible to extend the manufacturer’s warranty


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