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A quad bike or ATV are the perfect bikes for Africa

A quad bike or all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a small motorized vehicle. The quad bike was originally designed to be used off-road. In rough terrain, on rocky roads, and steep climbs these vehicles will get the job done. It is no wonder; they are frequently exported for the ruggedness of the vast landscapes of Africa.

We gladly take you through the quad bike types and models, the advantages and the industries they are used in. Do you prefer to contact an experienced company in automotive solutions to answer any question you may have on quads? Please feel free to contact Transmotors today.

Quad bike names and types around the world

As quads come in many types and varieties, you may find many names for the same vehicle. Other names for quads are: quad bike, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), 4 wheel bike, 4 wheel motorcycle, and 4x4 quad.

The essential purpose for a quad bike is to transport people and/or materials through rough terrain that regular cars or trucks cannot reach. Subsequently, quads differ in size and configuration.

Besides being smaller than standard export vehicles, we distinguish two types:

  • vehicle with seats for single use or up to 6 people
  • straddle-ridden vehicle for single use or up to 2 people
Quad bike
Quad bike

Quad bike advantages

Instead of utilizing a motorcycle, which is also a very versatile vehicle in rugged terrain, the quad bike consists of 4 wheels and is heavier in weight. Therefore, a quad is easier to operate and the road-holding is much better. People with less driving experience can also drive an ATV. In fact, traveling on 4 wheels allows for fewer accidents, resulting in fewer injuries and less damage. Also, a powerful quad can be used for hauling materials, if needed.

Many purposes

Quads are employed for business as well as leisure purposes. Tour operators, hotels, and private persons are readily equipped for day trips through a diverse landscape.

As a utility vehicle, a quad will boost your fleet for the following purposes:

  • Fire patrol
  • Coastguard
  • Harbor police
  • Law enforcement
  • Farmers/hunters
  • Nature preservation
  • Transport to/from remote sites
  • Emergency response/emergency medical services
  • Search and rescue
  • Surveillance

Applicable to industries such as:

  • oil industry
  • road work, construction, and water industries
  • forest, agricultural, and mining industries
  • governmental organizations (embassies and consulates)
  • nongovernmental and humanitarian organizations
  • private sales
Quad bike
Quad bike
Quad bike
Quad bike

Quad export or as part of your complete fleet

Transmotors offers many types of ATVs, from 1 seater up to 6 seater models, along with accessories dedicated for intended use. Think of coolers, panels, guards, doors, cargo or audio options as well as special lighting. All accessories are provided by factory order.

We have over 2 decades of experience in exporting a complete fleet with standard and specialized vehicles worldwide. Vehicles of reputable international quad brands can be shipped to any destination in Africa from harbors Antwerp or Rotterdam.

We invite you to contact us for advice and prices.

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