Kia Sportage 4WD 2.0L SUV (petrol)

Nett, for export outside the EC and subject to price and spec.changes.

Kia Sportage 4WD 2.0L SUV options

Our customers are, among others, multinationals, NGOs, embassies, and relief organizations worldwide. We help our customers as per their specific request. As specialist in converting vehicles, we can offer the Kia Sportage tailor made to serve your needs. You can also choose from various colors if you have preference. Please send us your specific request, and we will happily help you with our expertise.

Delivery of your Kia Sportage 4WD 2.0L SUV

Through years of export, we have obtained great price arrangements with reliable shipping lines and airlines. We are closely connected to two of the biggest seaports in the world. Your Kia Sportage 4WD 2.0L SUV can be delivered worldwide. The delivery time depends on your specific destination. Feel free to contact us to get the details for your Kia Sportage delivery time. Or read more about our logistics.


We offer a maintenance package of spare parts for 1 or 2 years of use. We can give you the payment terms upon request. For more information, read our applicable general sales terms and conditions.

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