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Landcruiser conversions

Landcruiser conversions are Transmotors specialty. The Toyota Landcruiser is an industry favorite, whether put to use in the original design or for conversions. For one, the brand’s reliability and high-quality are significant reasons to convert this particular vehicle. Further, the versatility of the design offers plenty of options.

Let us take you through the advantages of the Landcruiser and browse through the many options Transmotors has to offer.


Its basic design allows for many creative solutions. The spacious bodywork provides room for ample working space, logistics and carrying bulk materials. The ruggedness supports the range of motion and endurance in any terrain. The high-quality materials used to build the vehicle ensures long-term employability. Apart from these features, the basic design also allows many types of accessories to be fitted quickly without any complications.

Toyota Landcruiser advantages for conversions

The advantages as described above are the reason that many industries apply the Landcruiser for customized vehicle purposes. Besides the leisure industry, which solutions are widely spread on the internet, the many options for conversions in other applications are less visible. However, they are very divergent.

Landcruiser conversions
Landcruiser conversions

Transmotors offers Landcruiser conversions for the
following industries:

  • Mining
  • Oil industry
  • Construction & Engineering

Also, the public sector uses conversion vehicles
for a wide range of services:

  • Protection and patrol
  • Fire prevention
  • Healthcare, such as ambulances and laboratories
  • Maintenance

Example conversions

To give you an idea of the many options we offer, please find some examples below in some cases specified to the various industries.

We convert Toyota Landcruisers to tailor-made pick-ups for remote areas and rugged terrain. Think of the installation of extended crane arms together with auxiliary footing to maneuver bulk rock and soil. Drilling equipment or safety devices mounted on a Landcruiser are other options.  Besides these pick-up trucks, we also carry dump trucks in stock.

Oil industry
Specifically for the oil industry, the Landcruiser can be fitted with top racks and/or liquid containers (IBCs).

Police vehicles
Converting a Landcruiser to a police car, patrol car or tactical team vehicle may include the installation of mesh guarded windshields, sirens, and radio equipment. When choosing and mounting accessories, we carefully consider the demands of your specific region.

Landcruiser conversions

Fire intervention vehicles
In remote and rough terrain, a smaller firefighting truck may be of better use than a large truck. Upon request, we fit the Landcruiser with multipurpose accessories suited for hazardous areas.

Rescue and lifeguard vehicles
A Landcruiser can be converted to a vehicle that saves lives. Think of lifeguard trucks equipped with radio communication, sirens and medical or safety equipment. In our range, we include ambulances and mobile clinics as well {LINK LP 2 Toyota Ambulance}.

Cargo and mobile workspaces
To solve your logistic problems, a Landcruiser converted into a pick-up or fitted with a cooling installation will do the trick. Also, a mobile workshop will provide all the required equipment, workspace, and tools in any remote area. Other accessories are platforms to reach high areas and towing equipment.

Landcruiser conversions

Customized conversion and exporting service

At Transmotors, we have over 20 years of experience in composing a complete fleet with both standard and specialized vehicles for many purposed all over the world. Our staff of highly qualified craftsmen are resourceful in designing and creating tailor-made solutions.

As a Toyota supplier for export cars, we do not only convert your vehicles, but we offer our full export services. We welcome you to browse our website for the many Landcruiser conversion options. Also, please feel free to contact us with your questions about composing a tailor-made fleet and exporting around the globe.

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