Vehicle import to the Sahara

Did you know that 31% of the earth covers the Sahara? The nature is known for its drought, which brings its own challenges. You need a vehicle that is safe. You want something you can count on. Transmotors knows the challenges of the roads of the Sahara. We help you to get the right vehicle for you. Take a look at our wide range of vehicles, heavy machinery, generators and trucks.

Shipping your vehicle to the Sahara

Do you live in Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Algeria, Niger, Chad or Tunisia? It doesn’t matter. Transmotors will help you with the right shipment to the Sahara. We can accommodate all countries in the Sahara. Our specialist know the challenges, and we’ll help you get your vehicle at the designated location. Shipment is ensured with the best service. The award-winning service and quality vehicles ensure you with the best of the best. Transmotors can accommodate you in both Ro-RO and container shipment to the Sahara.

The right vehicle for the Sahara

Due to the nature and environment of the Sahara finding the right vehicle isn’t always easy. You need a car that fights the desert without any problems. Take a look in our database and check out the diverse cars, such as;

Each car for the desert can be customized to your wishes. Get in touch with our specialist to get more information about the possibilities. Transmotors understand that your environment brings its own challenges, and therefore it’s possible to adjust any vehicle to your demands.

Import to any industry in the Sahara

Fuel grades, road conditions and environment are important factors to consider in finding the right vehicle. But when you are an ambassador you’ve got other demands for your vehicle than an employee of a humanitarian organization. Are you looking for the right car, jeep or any other vehicle that can match your organization expectations? Transmotors serves many industries, such as;

  • Governments and NGO organizations (embassies and consulets). 
  • Road work, construction and water industries. 
  • Humanitarian organizations. 
  • Oil industry. 
  • Forest, agriculture and mining industries. 
  • Private sales. 

Consult our specialist for the best offer that fits your requirements.

Import of spare parts to the Sahara

In addition to each vehicle, it’s possible to add and ship any spare part. Update your current vehicle or add extra spare parts to your order. Each spare part is fitted into the vehicle or truck at our professional workshop facility. You can select from a wide range of spare parts for various brands, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Honda, KIA and many more. Find out more about it and get in touch with us.

Consult our specialist for more information about the import to the Sahara

We understand that your vehicle requirement depends on the circumstances of your country. Our specialist will help you find the best vehicles and services that meet your demands. Get in touch with us for more information.

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