Vehicle import to Senegal

Senegal is a country with jungle, dessert and beaches. This country, with a diverse nature, therefore demands a vehicle that can handle this environment. Importing the right car for the job is our business. Transmotors knows the challenges of the roads of Senegal. Choosing the right vehicle is about understanding what the customer (you) wants and needs, but also knowing the country and its challenges. Take a look at our wide range of vehicles, heavy machinery, generators and trucks.

Shipping to Senegal

Shipping any automotive to Senegal is about finding the right shipment method, but also understanding the environment and it’s demands. The culture, the nature of a country, helps us decide on the right shipment. Transmotors knows these challenges and has the right experience and tools for shipping any vehicle, truck or forklift. With a large portfolio, you’ve got choices in saloons, trucks, pick-ups, forklifts and generators. There is always an automotive that meet your requirements and suit your industry.

We ensure shipping with the best supplies and the best service. Our award-wining service and quality vehicles guaranty you with the best of the best. Transmotors can accommodate you in both Ro-RO and container shipment to Senegal.

Car import to Senegal

There are various vehicles suited for Senegal, due to the diverse nature and environment. Finding the right car therefore isn’t always easy. The specialists of Transmotors can accommodate you with information about the right vehicle for your circumstances. Each car can be adjusted to your needs. This means that each car is appropriate for the climate, road conditions and fuel grades of Senegal. Take a look at our saloons, 4×4 and suv’s in our database.

Vehicle import for each industry in Senegal

Although fuel grades and road conditions are important with selecting the right vehicle, your vehicle must also suit your industry. An ambassador has different preferences in contrast to an employee of a humanitarian organization. Are you looking for not only the right vehicle for Senegal, but also appropriate for your organization? Transmotors serve various industries with success, such as; 

  • Governments and NGO organizations (embassies and consulets). 
  • Road work, construction and water industries. 
  • Humanitarian organizations. 
  • Oil industry. 
  • Forest, agriculture and mining industries. 
  • Private sales. 

Consult our specialist for the best offer that fits your requirements.

Generator & heavy machinery import to Senegal

Besides cars, it’s also possible to import generators and heavy machinery to Senegal. Heavy machinery and generators can accommodate within mining and construction sides. Generators are indispensable at mining and construction sides, but also vital for medical facilities. Preventing downtime is essential for various industries. Take a look in our database for all generators, forklifts and heavy machinery.

Busses and trucks import

One of our unique selling points is our wide range of products. This includes busses and trucks. Each bus or truck can be adjusted to your demands. Do you want to know more about our busses and trucks? Contact us for more information.

Import of spare parts to Senegal

Are you just looking for spare parts? Updating your vehicle is easy with Transmotors. It doesn’t matter which kind of spare part you are looking for. All spare parts can be fitted into the vehicle or truck at our professional workshop facilities.

There is a wide range of car parts for various brand, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Ford, Honda, KIA and many more. Find out more about it and get in touch with us. 

Consult our specialist for more information about the import to Senegal

We understand that your vehicle requirement depends on the circumstances of your country. Our specialist will help you find the best vehicles and services. Get in touch with us for more information.

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Which countries does Transmotors sell to?

We ship to destinations worldwide, to port or to inland destination. Are you wondering if we ship to your country? Please contact us via our contact form. 

What are the warranty terms and conditions?

We recognize the warranty conditions as are used by the manufacturer in the specific territory. For more information, read our general sales conditions

What currency are the invoices in?

The invoices are in US Dollars mostly. However, Euros are also possible if requested upon.

Is a deposit required, and if so how much is the deposit?

We pre-finances the vehicles or parts fully when unavailable from stock. The amount for order placement depends on the amount required, and will always be negotiated and agreed upon together. Fill out our contact form for more information on your specific situation. 


Is it possible to test the vehicle before placing an order?

It is possible to test the vehicle if you visit us. We allow a short test drive for checking.

What are the most common methods of shipment?

We are closely connected to two of the biggest seaports in the world. We can accommodate both Roll-on, Roll-off and container shipments to many destinations. For air shipments we make use of one of the biggest airline hubs in Europe. From Amsterdam daily flights are connecting directly to airports on all continents.

What is Roll-on, Roll-off shipment?

Roll-on, Roll-off (RoRo) shipment describes how products are loaded and discharged from a vessel. The vehicles will be rolled on and off by itself, rather than using cranes to lift the vehicles from the vessel.

How long does shipment take?

Shipment time depends on the destination. Most vehicles and original parts come from stock at Transmotors. We also have short connections to production plants from large automotive manufacturers. If you want to know the exact shipment time for your order, contact us via our contact form.

Does my vehicle require pre-shipping inspections?

We always check any vehicle, truck or components twice; upon receiving and prior to sending. Thereby, we always safeguard the quality of your purchase.

Which countries require pre-shipment inspection?

It depends on the country if pre-shipment is required. This is not always known as it changes often. For example, Nigeria is one location that demands pre-shipment. It is, in almost all cases, not arranged by us. In most cases this is required in the country of destination and therefore not part of the delivery process. If you want to know more about pre-shipment requirements for your order, contact us via our contact form. 

Can I have the spare parts shipped with my order?

It depends on the type of shipment method if spare parts can be shipped with the order. It is not possible to ship spare parts with Roll-on, Roll-off shipment. However, it is possible with container shipment. Please contact us if you want to know the possibilities for your order. 

Who’s responsible for the unloading costs?

The responsibility for the unloading cost depends on Incoterm/agreement we make together. Therefore, each order is looked at separately. Contact us for more information on unloading cost for your order.

Is the vehicle insured during transport?

Insurance during transport is possible and can be arranged by us upon request.