Vehicle import to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known for a diverse nature, rugged mountains, dessert and beautiful hills. The right vehicle depends on the circumstances. Importing a vehicle, truck or forklift to Ethiopia therefore not only depends on our knowledge on vehicles, it’s also about knowing the environment.  You want a vehicle that suits the challenges of the roads of Ethiopia and meets your needs.

Shipping automotive to Ethiopia

Shipping an automotive to Ethiopia is about more than finding the right shipment. It’s about knowing the environment and culture of the country. Ethiopia has its own challenges and Transmotors has the right knowledge and tools for shipping each vehicle, truck or forklift. In our large portfolio of saloon, trucks, pickups, forklifts and generators there is always an automotive perfect for your situation and industry.

You are ensured with the best supplies, but also with the best service. The award-winning service and quality vehicles including spare parts, guaranty you with the best of the best. The specialists of Transmotors can accommodate you in both Ro-Ro and container shipments to Ethiopia.

Car import to Ethiopia

Importing the right car to Ethiopia demands knowledge about the culture and environment. But also knowledge about the transport, logistics and of course the appropriate vehicle. Each car can be adjusted and equipped to meet your needs and demands. This means that every vehicle will be equipped for the climate, road conditions and fuel grades of Ethiopia.

Vehicle import for each industry in Ethiopia

Not only road conditions, but also fuel grades are important. Your vehicle must suit your industry. Transmotors serves various industries with success, such as; 

  • Governments and NGO organizations (embassies and consulets). 
  • Road work, construction and water industries. 
  • Humanitarian organizations. 
  • Oil industry. 
  • Forest, agriculture and mining industries. 
  • Private sales. 

Consult our specialist for the best offer that fits your requirements.

Generator & heavy machinery import to Ethiopia

Besides vehicles, it’s also possible to import generators to Ethiopia. Generators are essential for powering machines and tooling on remote locations. Operations in mining, construction and campsites profit from having power at hand. Both medical facilities and business operations are pivotal in sustaining operations and downtime prevention. There is a wide range of quality generators at Transmotors.

Are you looking for heavy machinery as well? It’s also possible to import forklifts and trucks. Of course, we offer the best quality and service for both generator and heavy machinery. Moreover, you can adjust it to your needs.

Import of spare parts to Ethiopia

Are you just looking for spare parts? Updating your vehicle is easy with Transmotors. It doesn’t matter which kind of spare part you are looking for. Each spare part can be fitted into the vehicle or truck at our professional workshop facilities.

There is a wide range of car parts for various brand, such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Honda, KIA and many more. Find out more about it and get in touch with us. 

Consult our specialist for more information about the import to Ethiopia

We understand that your vehicle requirement depends on the circumstances of your country. Our specialist will help you find the best vehicles and services that meet your demands. Get in touch with us for more information.

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